SCP Time

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Server Info:
-914 can upgrade classes: ClassD <-> Scientists
-914: Flashlight on 1:1 -> Card
-SCP-049 Can talk to humans
-A helicopter will drop a supply crate on the surface every 10 mins
-Lights in heavy may turn off in random intervals. Keep your flashlight!
-Events are available and will be held occasionally
-AFK players will be replaced after some time
-Dclass have a chance to spawn in extra items!
-You can swap SCP's with other players!
--->Use .scpswap [roleid] in your console.
-Serpents hand is in! They have to team with SCPS and kill everyone else!

Server Rules:
All of the following are not allowed on this server...
-Teaming (Not mercy. Showing mercy once is not again rules)
---> Chaos are allowed to team with SCP's
-Griefing (Purposefully sabotaging your team or your teams objectives
-Voice chat offence: (Racism, SoundBoards (With exceptions), Micspam, Offensive language)
---> Soundboards are allowed in proximity only! Not as spectator
---> Swearing is allowed, however slurs are not
-KOS (Killing dclass on sight as guard is not allowed until after a spawnwave!)
-CuffedTK (killing cuffed players)
-Please be respectful to everone!

More information is available on our discord

Server plugins:
-Admin tools
-Common Utilities
-Ultimate AFK
-Stalky 106
-Serpents Hand