JackInTheBox Community

- Hosted in UK.
- Website: itsgamertime.xyz
- 2 pocket dimension exits, refreshes per successful leave. Teleports to a random room once left.
- Intercom max speech time is 25 seconds and the cooldown is 120 seconds.
- Autonuke set to 20 minutes to prevent camping.
- Disarmed players can interact with doors & elevators.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/xrxNbT7
Patreon Link: https://www.patreon.com/JITB

How do i get the Discorder ingame tag?
Join the discord and check out the #scpsl-info channel!

1) No disrespect is tolerated at all (no offensive names, no racism, no discrimination).
2) No teaming unless they are cuffed.
3) Use common sense, don't try to find loopholes.
4) Please only use English.
5) Don't delay the round.
6) Don’t mic-spam in spectator, intercom or radio
7) Listen to staff at all times.
8) No team-killing is allowed at any time.
9) No kos on cuffed d-class unless you are the person that has cuffed them, If you shoot a cuffed d-class as MTF or a scientist half the damage will be returned to you.
10) No advertising other servers/communities.
You will be banned if we suspect you are under 13.

Gameplay Changing Plugins
PinkCandy - Pink candy is back in the candy bowl and can be quite...explosive.
FF-Reflect - All friendly fire damage is now reflected.
NoRearm - Only the person that has disarmed a player can rearm them.
FF-AfterRound - Allows for teamkilling after the round ends!
RoundStats - At the end of the round, a broadcast will appear at the top of your screen with some interesting stats of the round played.
RespawnTimer - See if you have enough time to make a cup of tea before respawn in spectator :)
SpectatorList - Allows you to see who is actively spectating you.
RemoteKeycard - Allows players to open doors without having keycards in their hands, it just has to be in their inventory.
Sinkholes - Sinkholes in Light Containment Zone will now drag you down into the pocket dimension if you get a bit too close
Infinite stamina - no stamina anymore cause its BAD!!

And more to come!