JackInTheBox Community

- Hosted in EU.
- Friendly fire is enabled/disabled randomly, check the server title.
- IP: itsgamertime.xyz
- Auto nuke after 20 minutes
- 2 pocket dimension exits, exit is also changed after used
- Intercom max speech time is 25 seconds and the cooldown is 120 seconds.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/eqgk3rQ

1) No disrespect is tolerated at all (no offensive names, no racism, no discrimination).
2) No teaming unless they are cuffed.
3) Use common sense, don't try to find loopholes.
4) Please only use English.
5) Don't delay the round.
6) Don’t mic-spam in spectator, intercom or radio
7) Listen to staff at all times.
8) No team-killing is allowed at any time.

Gameplay Changing Plugins
CreativeToolBox - Allows players to pry gates open if they drink enough 207, players can also explode if they drink too much 207 and more!

RemoteKeycard - Allows players to open doors without having keycards in their hands, it just has to be in their inventory.

SCP_575 - SCP 575 attacks players in the dark with random blackouts, but can be defeated with a flashlight.

Stalky106 - A more lore-friendly approach for SCP-106.

Tranquilizer - Scientist is following you and being chased by 049? Just tranq him and run, leave him to the scp.
^ (requires a silenced USP of course)

Assist Infection - Gives 049 a countdown for when bodies can no longer be cured.

Better sinkholes - BetterSinkholes is a plugin that makes sinkhole environmental hazards (found in Light Containment Zone - IX Intersections) more realistic. Players who walk into sinkholes fall into the pocket dimension and may never return.

CustomDoorAccess - This changes what keycards can open what, for example, guard & senior guard keycards can now open 096's containment door.

Lone079 - This respawns 079 as a different SCP with half HP when he is the last scp alive.

096cheesefix - fixes the cheesing of 096's flaw by staring at your feet to avoid getting him enraged, when players are standing beside 096 or try and cheese their way by looking down and running past/through him, 096 will get triggered.

Infinite stamina - no stamina anymore cause its gay af

And more to come!

= JackInTheBox Community Streamer Requirements =

1- Be a well known member of this community/be relatively active in the community.
2- Have at least 10 viewers per stream.
3- Have at least 30 followers.
4- Have a ban/restriction record on the server/community that's as clean as possible.