The Pizza Hut

!! Discord Server !!

If you enjoy this server, please join the discord!

The Pizza Hut is a SCP:SL server dedicated to creating a fun, silly environment for fresh D-Class and experienced MTF alike.

Our admins are no strangers to using their powers to making rounds more interesting, and will sometimes do event rounds if the majority wishes for it.


Admins reserve the right to act on these rules in a manor they find appropriate, and both can and will enact punishment for actions not found in the following rules. Generally, be a respectful, fair player, and you won't incur their wrath.

1. No intentional teamkilling or griefing.
This rule is a bit relaxed, but overall, do not intentionally kill your team without a valid reason; this rule is elaborated on in the Discord server.

2. Crossteaming is generally not allowed.
MTF and Chaos, as well as MTF and SCPs, are not allowed to team barring temporary truces in the presence of a greater threat. Chaos and SCPs, however, are not only allowed to team, it's encouraged. That isn't to say these two factions always get along, though...

3. There is ZERO tolerance for slurs of any kind, or any blatant discrimination.
Homophobia, transphobia, racism, the like. Keep that stuff on 4chan and ifunny. If an admin hears a slur come out of your mouth, it's an instant ban.

4. No micspam.
This includes music. Soundboards are okay if they're not overly loud and used in moderation.

5. Do not camp as a human, or otherwise stall the round.