Pixel Breach

PS: The server breaks a little sometimes where no one is online but the round is still going we are fixing this!



1. Follow SCP: SL EULA.[Permanent Ban]
2. No Hacking Breaking 1st rule [Permanent Ban]
3. No KOS If the class-d is in Entrance Zone or Surface this rule is VOID/Doesn't apply[Warn]
4. No mic spam no matter what [Warn]
5. No saying any links in voice chat[1-30 day ban]
6. Any type of discrimination is not allowed, includes homophobia, racism, slurs, etc[1-30 day ban]
7. Do not beg for permissions or ranks[Warn]
8. Absolutely no harassment of any type[1-30 day ban]
9. Do not target a specific person because of who they are, e.g. a staff member, content creator, northwood staff, etc[Warn]
10. Teaming with SCPs while not being CI or Class D[Warn]
11. No killing peoples detained Class D[Warn]
11. Use common sense[Depends on severity]
12. No advertising Only Twitch or Youtube[Warn]
13. No evading Bans, Warns or Kicks[30-60 day ban] if you are evading a perma ban you will be getting a perma ban
14. No admin abusing[Demote]
15. No leaking personal Info[Perma Ban]
16. All players are required to report and admin abuse they see, but you must record it happening in action.

SCP: SL Eula: https://store.steampowered.com/eula/700330_eula_0


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Server Plugin Mananger: EXILIED
Server OS: Linux

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