Hello, and welcome to Sit or Be Seated, an SCP: Secret Laboratory Server!
We are a lighthearted, fun server with room for all kinds of player. Come here alone or with friends, to relax, have fun and laugh.
Discord: https://discord.gg/n7X4vus
Rules for in-game play:
- Do not use harsh discriminatory language toward another person without their consent. Swearing is just a part of playing video games, we won't punish you for it ;)
- Do not troll.
- Do not disrespect any member of the server staff team. They are just trying to do their job.
- Do not use any mods that alter your game experience to give you an unfair advantage; in short, don't hack.
- Follow the normal guidelines of SCP: Secret Laboratory, acting as your class should (for more info, see the #guide channel).
- Do not teamkill.
- Don't take the game too seriously (the game is for your enjoyment, not to cause you anger). Note, this doesn't mean you shouldn't try
to win the game as your class, this just means don't get angry and too competitive; everyone should enjoy their time on the server,
regardless of what they come here for :)
- Don't Discord VC with people while playing, it ruins the core aspect of the game about not knowing where everyone and everything is -
only use the VC in game. Of course, there is no issue with playing whilst in a channel with your friends, then muting and deafening
yourself until the round ends. Also, be sociable! Talk with people in game!
- Have fun, and enjoy :)
If you require assistance from me, the owner, please contact me on Discord @WhipcatMetre#6610.
Our discord server is https://discord.gg/n7X4vus ! If you need help, or just want to hang out with other members of the server, this is the best place to go.