Lost Laboratory

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1. Don't Disrespect any staff or any players
2. Please do not be toxic all the time. We allow some toxicity just not a lot.
3. If you are caught cheating not only you will be banned from our server you will get globally banned from every server.
4. If you are caught exploiting in any way you will be perm banned from all our servers.
5. Please do not earrape any any form. This includes playing loud music over intercom and proximity chat.
6. Do not delay rounds this includes the following.(sitting in 914,hiding in the 106 chamber,ect)
7. Do not close doors on teammates and if you are caught doing so you will be warned/kicked.
8. Do not tell people what to do when you are dead.(ghosting)
9. Do not shoot cuffed people for any reason.
10. Class D's may not be killed in light containment unless NTF/Chaos has spawned. However Scientists may kill them.
11. Class D's are allowed to be killed in heavy containment and it does not matter if any team has spawned.
12. Do not kill yourself.

-Scientists may team with class D's
-SCP's,Class D's,and Chaos may team with each other.
-Other forms of teaming are not allowed(NTF teaming with SCP's,ect)
-SCP's are allowed to show mercy to Scientists,MTF,ect