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Verbal Rules

Applies to all servers

1: No Racism/Homophobia
1.1 - No racial slurs
1.2 - Homophobia - dislike of or prejudice against gay people.
2: Everyone is welcome
2.1 - Statements, questions, topics, or arguments about discriminating another person are not allowed
2.2 - Treat others how you want to be treated.
2.3 - Anthropomorphic, LGBTQ+ of any kind, etc. are allowed on this server.


Server Plugins

BetterSCP939 - Makes 939 slow down after biting someone to give the player a chance, but 939 will move faster than normal
BetterSinkholes - Sinkhole that spawns in LCZ will now allow you to go to the Shadow Wealm
DCreplace - Replaces you with a spectator if you happen to disconnect
Lone079 - 079 will have a 1/3 chance of going to spectator, become a different SCP, or spawn in as a different class if he happens to be the last SCP
RemoteKeycard - allows you to open doors without your keycard in your hand.
SCP-575 - Un-playable SCP that causes sudden light failures and roars through intercom. Remember your flashlight!
SCP008 - Another Un-Playable SCP that causes a disease to be unleashed by zombies. Similar to COVID!
SCPswap - Ability to swap with a fellow SCP at the beginning of the round.
Salky106 - Allows SCP-106 to stalk other classed besides SCPs, Chaos, and Serpents Hand
Serpents Hand - Special Class that has a 50% chance to spawn if chaos spawn event happens
More Coming Soon