-=#[The Redd Room]#=-

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|1| Toxicity isn't welcome here. Being unnecessarily mean or uncooperative is grounds for being kicked.
|2| Racist/Homophobic/Transphobic/Religious/Sexist slurs are forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.
|3| Hacking is forbidden and will result in a permanent ban and you will be reported to the Global Moderators.
|4| If, for any reason, friendly fire gets turned on, whether it be a game bug or some other reason (excluding EOR FF), you are not allowed to team kill. This rule also applies to SCP-079 and teslaing their fellow SCPs.
|5| If an admin or moderator is trying to do their job, don't disturb them. This includes killing the people they are currently talking to, killing them whilst they talk to another person, flashbanging them while they're talking to someone else, etc.
|6| Mic Spam is not allowed in spectator chat, end of round chat, SCP team chat, radio, or intercom. It may only be used in radial chat mode.
|7| Door closing on your teammates while you are not running from a different team is kickable. While only being a minor offense, if you're doing it just to ruin other peoples games, you don't deserve to hang around.
|8| Teaming is allowed, as long as it doesn't hold up the game. Aka, if your team being together is keeping the game from ending, then it must be broken.
|9| Killing D-class and Scientists on sight is NOT against the server rules. Even while detained. The only punishment for doing things like this is other people not returning the favor to you.
|10| Common sense is a requirement, not optional.
|11| Purposely going out of your way to harass others on the server is ban worthy.
|12| Mods and Admins can still warn and kick you for various things that are not listed here if they pose a great enough threat, but if you feel as if you got falsely punished, contact an admin on
the Discord.

Q: How do I get the discord tag?
A: Join the Discord and sign up to SCPStats: Click Me!

Q: Why does SCP-??? work differently? Why does X thing not work the same?
A: This is a modded server. Please read the changes we've made in the plugin information channel in the discord.
Q: How do I bind a command to a key?
A: Press ~ and type cmdbind [Key] [Command].

Useful binds:
cmdbind ? .lunge - To lunge as a zombie
cmdbind ? .vent - To vent as SCP-173
cmdbind ? .combust - To use SCP-457's special ability
cmdbind ? .pet - To pet a donator's pet
cmdbind ? .throw - To throw your currently held item
Q: Why do people keep shooting their guns?
A: There's infinite ammo. Go nuts!
Q: Why was I killed by someone on my team?
A: Check if they were SCP-035
Q: Why do I see the RA Panel with the discord tag?
A: You may see the panel, but you will not have access to any of the commands. Try it. It won't work.
--==={Server Modifications}===--

This server is heavily modded, notable changes will be below, but a full list can be found on the discord.

Better 939 - Makes SCP-939 not shit. He gains a speed boost, but loses it for a short period of time after biting someone so they have time to get away. He also becomes smaller and has an anger meter he builds by getting damages. The more it's filled, the more damage he does.
Reverse Plague - SCP-049 gains the ability to instantly make zombies with any dead person in his "curing radius." Any person who dies by any reason, being SCP-049 himself or another SCP, they become a zombie. Zombies who are still alive help boost SCP-049's healing to himself and other SCPs in his curing radius.
SCP-035 - SCP-035 comes in 2 forms. When not being worn, SCP-035 will alter people's minds into thinking it is a desirable/high value item. If someone picks up this item, SCP-035 will go into it's next form. While being worn, a random spectator will be selected for SCP-035 to take over the body of the person who picked up the fake item. SCP-035 works with the SCPs and can use guns, keycards, and health items like any other human. Once killed, SCP-035 will go back to making fake items.
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