The Mound

Welcome to The Mound! Make sure to follow the rules at all times and make sure to join our Discord!

Discord Invite Link (Click Here)

The Mound Rules

1. Do not use excessive language. This can be judged by a staff member.
2. No racism, hate speech, or harassing anyone.
3. Soundboards are allowed but no earrape soundboards.
4. No cheating, exploiting, or hacking. This will result in a permanent ban.
5. Do not disrespect the Staff Team or Management.
6. If deemed a threat to the community you may be removed from the servers.
7. No teamkilling.
8. Chaos + SCP may team.
9. No detained killing.
10. Do not be AFK while in-game.
11. Staff has the final say.
12. Use common sense.

Contact: [email protected]