The Funboys - New Experiences
Server is classified as Heavily Modded, see our gameplay changes below!

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======== Rules: ========
1: No cheating, exploiting game/plugin bugs, ghosting, or use of any other sort of unfair game manipulation to gain advantage on others.
2: Be respectful to others and refrain from being toxic. Swearing is okay as long as it is not used to insult other members.
3: Do not cross-team outside of cross-teaming guidelines below.
4: Do not kill or troll obedient detained personnel.
5: Do not suicide as SCP 049-2, they are buffed and you might have more fun than you think!
6: Report any rulebreakers to staff, we will take care of it from there. Staff decision is final.
7: If you don't like the SCP you spawn as, just use SCP swap!

======== Cross-Teaming and KOS Guidelines: ========
- Chaos and SCPs may NOT team and do not share a win condition.
- No human faction other than Serpent's Hand may team with SCPs.
- Mercy is fine once or twice, go separate ways after sparing one another.
- Scientists and Class-D are neutral and may KOS the opposing faction if they wish. Scientists may also boss D-Class around, but they do not have to comply, at the risk of being marked for termination.
- MTF and Guards are encouraged to detain defenseless D-Class. The same applies for Chaos with Scientists.
- Respect surrenders, and do not surrender scum!

======== Gameplay Changes and Additions: ========
- Faster respawns! Less time waiting, more time playing!
- New items!
- The Micro HID will slowly recharge while not in use!
- Guards can escape to become a MTF Sergeant!
- MTF and Chaos can switch teams if they escape while detained.
- Playable SCPs are locked in until the breach announcement, they can SCP Swap during this time.
- You can risk taking up to 6 candies from SCP 330, only the first 2 are guaranteed to be safe as usual! There's a 20% chance of losing your hands with every unsafe candy grab. Pink candy is also enabled!
- SCP 914 will apply status effects to players who go through it, depending on the setting. Rough kills humans and severely damages SCPs. Very Fine will give you a random anomalous buff!
- SCP 1162 is present in 173's chamber, allowing you to trade for items as an alternative to 914! With more quick yet random results.
- Serpent's Hand and the Global Occult Coalition are new factions! SH helps SCPs while the GOC is directly against SCPs, assisting the foundation. They will only spawn after enough spawn waves have happened.
- SCP 106 can stalk people by double clicking the portal icon, and his recontainment procedure will only be available later on in a round, to balance these changes, the amount of safe pocket dimension exits is increased slightly.
- SCP 049 can talk to people to convince them to join the cured, or to help SCPs talk with SH!
- SCP 049 and 049-2 have been given HS. 049-2 can infect enemies on hit and regain armor for it!
- SCP 939 has been buffed, and 939-53 can upgrade into 939-89 via 914 on Fine!
- Extra round events, spicing up gameplay a little with various facility malfunctions!
- SCP 079 has various improvements! He also automatically levels up after enough time, if you are behind!
- Alpha Warhead sequence automatically activates after 25 minutes, to prevent rounds from lasting way longer than they should.
- Likely more things to come! Have fun!