#1 MTF/FG's are not allowed to KOS
• All MTF/FG's must detain Class-D and escort them out of the facility. If they pose a threat or disobey orders to surrender, then you have every right to shoot the said Class-D.

#2 No glitching/exploiting the game with its bugs.
• Please avoid glitching/exploiting the game as it can ruin the fun for everyone else when you do so.

#3 No hacking
• Hacking, cheating, or otherwise using an external program to gain an advantage over other players is strictly prohibited, doing so will result in a ban.

#4 No Racism, Derogatory Terms, Bigotry, or Hate speech
• Hate speech and bigotry is strictly prohibited. This includes any kind of hateful slurs, radical content, racism, lgbtqphobia, or any other kind of bigoted opinions. Tony's is not a place to spread hate.

#5 No Harassment
• Harassment of a player is strictly prohibited as it ruins the fun for everyone and can seriously harm someone's mental health.

#6 No delaying the round with RP
• There is no limit to how long you wish to roleplay for, just make sure you don't hold up the round.

#7 No camping
• You are allowed to hold an area but if you are actively delaying the round by doing so and/or you have been there for an excess of over 6 minutes you must move away.
- if you are stuck please message an SCP staff on discord

#8 No mic spamming
• You are allowed to use soundboards however please keep it to a minimum as it can be annoying.

#9 Have fun!
• Please try to keep the space safe for everyone to have fun the way they like to, don't get overly angry when you die and avoid doing things just to make others angry.
• Treat people the way you want to be treated.