Welcome to Enchanter's Dungeon! Here you are stuck in a dungeon and there is no leaving!
1. You cannot KOS cuffed players. Anyone else is fair game.
2. Cross teaming is not allowed between anyone, including Chaos and SCPs. Players may disarm D-Class and Scientists to make them escape.
3. You may kill any cuffed personnel who is not following YOUR orders.
4. Soundboards may only be used in proximity chat and radio.
5. You cannot spawn camp.
6. SCPs may not reconnect/kill themselves to avoid playing a specific SCP. Includes 049-2
7. No harassment or discrimination against anyone
8. Jester's Rule. If staff think its funny, it can be broken, but only once. Abuse of this rule will still result in punishment.
9. No holding up the round.
10. No exploiting or cheating.

Discord: https://discord.gg/Z9jcRbRbyx