Overview of the rules | Ages 16+ Only | Discord: https://discord.gg/Yf9xJWc

1. This is a chill server, No sweating at the game.
2. Hacking or Exploiting will lead to a ban. Followed by being reported to the SCPSL Staff team.
3. If you are under the age of 16 you will be asked to leave. If you do not you will be kicked. If you join back you will be banned.
4. FF is on but doesn't give you permission to kill as many friendlies as possible. This will lead to a 24h ban.
5. Zombies Killing themselves will be Kicked, if it happens again it will be a ban.
6. Contact admins through the #request-a-staff-member channel only in the discord. Going directly to a admin or Mod will be ignored.
7. Be respectful at all times, do NOT make fun of other people.
8. Any Racial slurs used in discord or in game by someone will be Banned.
9. Harassment of any kind is not accepted here. If you are found harassing someone you will be banned.
10. Holding the round on purpose will lead to a kick. If you continue to hold the round you will be banned.
11. Anything Considered Cursed will be dealt with by a mute, If you are continuing these actions you will be banned.
12. Homophobia, Trans-phobia is not tolerated here. If you are caught being Homophobic/Trans-phobic you will be removed from the server.
13. No Racist or Cursed names in the server. You will be asked to change it, If you do not you will be kicked, After that it will be ban.

For and explanation of Rule 3, we the staff team do not feel as if it is our responsibility to watch over what we say in our own server. Hence the Age limit. It is the parents job to monitor the games their children play on. Not ours.

Just vibe. Its not hard. We're all here to make friends after all.