Wyatt Community Server

1. Cheating, hacking, and doxing are strictly prohibited. These actions are not allowed under any circumstances.

2. Play your role responsibly. It is not acceptable to ruin the game for others by killing yourself, throwing the game for your teammates, or engaging in disruptive behavior just because you don't want to be on a particular team or are harboring a grudge.

3. Teaming is not allowed. However, the Chaos Insurgency are not forced to engage in conflict with the SCPs until the MTF are dead. Class-D personnel and Scientists can collaborate to escape. If they respawn as different teams, they can no longer work together.

4. Throwing the game for your team, regardless of your intentions, is not allowed. If you are playing as a civilian class, it is mandatory to make an effort to escape. Civilian classes that refuse to respawn as a military class are withholding points from their team. This is considered throwing. You will be applied with Asphyxia and points will be manually awarded to your team.

5. MTF players must stick with the squad they spawn with. Privates should follow the instructions of Sergeants, and Sergeants must follow the instructions of Captains. Specialists have the same authority as Sergeants. You are only required to follow the orders of the higher-ranking members within your assigned squad. It is also encouraged to prioritize the safety and lives of your assigned squad members.

If you are breaking rules 3 or 4 you will be applied with the Asphyxia status effect. It will slowly drain your stamina, and once you are out, it will drain your health. You can use healing items to slow down the process, but it will eventually kill you. You cannot cure it.

1. Facility Guards have been removed from spawn queue because they suck. However, if you for some reason wish, you can opt-in to play as a Facility Guard before the match starts.
2. 15 second late join time.
3. Intercom cooldown and duration boosted.
4. Decontamination disabled.
5. 10% sinkhole spawn chance.
6. Auto-Warhead after 20 minutes.

Custom Spawn Queue:

Invite: https://discord.gg/gZUzK5xcA9