Crusaders Laboratory

Friendly fire activated

More than a server, a JoJo reference

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- It is forbidden to kill players of the same class or team.

- It is forbidden to saturate the microphone or make very loud noises

- Prohibited any type of discrimination.

- The use of hacks or abuse of bugs is prohibited.

- Forbidden to close doors to troll.

- Trolling prohibited on 914

- It is only allowed to team up between SCP and CAOS

- It is forbidden to commit suicide, disconnect or hinder the objective of the SCP-049 being SCP-049-2

- It is forbidden to kill any player who is handcuffed either CLASS-D or

- It is forbidden to disarm and kill a player who was previously arrested by someone and he has the right to kill whoever disarmed or killed him. (If the arrested person is far from the person who arrested him, he can be handcuffed again or killed ...)

- Spawn kill prohibited.

- It is forbidden to extend the game.

- It is allowed to kill someone who is doing TK (self defense)