Hello there, and welcome to CrazGamers' server.

1. Please don't do all the things you shouldn't do.
2. Please do all the things you should do.
3. If it in fact turns out a thing you shouldn't do is a thing you should do, please do it.
4. If, instead, you find something you've done is something you shouldn't do, please don't do it again.
5. However, if you've done something that shouldn't be done after finding you should do it only to discover that it was actually truly a thing that should not be done, even after confirming it should be, then don't.
6. Please start again from rule 1.

DISCLAIMER: Not responsible for things done or not done as may or may not have been instructed.
For issues with the server, you may send an email to [email protected].

Enjoy the server!

Active Plugins List:
-> EXILED Mod Loader
-> Chopper Drop
-> Peanut Explodes
-> Respawn Timer
-> SCP 575
-> SCP Utils
-> DC Replace
-> Full Control
-> Realistic Sizes
-> SCP 1162
-> SCP 012
-> Text Chat
-> Auto FF Toggle
-> Lights
-> Remote Keycard
-> SCP Swap
-> SCP 035
-> Wait And Chill Reborn