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The Backrooms supports SCPStats <size=10>(scpstats.com)!</size>
Events: Administrators are freely allowed to host events at their own discretion.

1. Harassment/Racist comments are not allowed under any circumstance. This includes racial and homophobic slurs.
2. No earrape in the spectator chat/scp chats/radios/intercom. Music is allowed as long it is not abused and the music is stopped if requested.
3. Teaming is not allowed between Chaos Insurgency & NTF AND NTF & SCPs. You may not team with opposing factions in an effort to go against your own faction (including Chaos to other chaos, D-class to Chaos, etc)
4. Cheating is a globally bannable offense. Don't do it.
5. If you're annoying, you'll likely be muted and/or kicked. Don't be annoying.
6. Killing cuffed and cooperative opposing factions is NOT allowed. They may be killed only if they are not cooperating or if they are holding up the round.

Staff members are advised but not required to free trapped players out of rooms after a certain period of time.

<size=15>If you feel as though a staff member has taken inappropriate action, please report it to our Discord linked above.