CBSL Discord Server
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General Rules:
1. Don't be Toxic
2. No bullying / discrimination. This includes any form of racism and homophobia.
3. Mic Spam is allowed however it is not to be played in SCP chat, spectator chat or radio chat
4. No Exploiting / hacking. This includes hiding in spots that SCPs cannot reach e.g on top of the security camera in106's chamber
5. Don't purposely delay the round. This will get you slain.
6. Please be respectful towards our staff. Keep in mind that they are only human and are only volunteers.
7. Do not team outside the parameters stated below
8. Do not team kill other players

Game Changing Info:

- Serpents Hand is enabled, their goal is to kill all other human players and work with the SCPs,
- UIU Squad is enabled, giving the MTF a small elite team late in the round.
- 049 can speak
- Supply Drops will spawn every now and then on the surface
- D-class have a chance to spawn with items
- Auto Nuke will go off 20 minutes into the game
- You will spawn in a cool lobby
- Zombies have a chance to turn hit humans into another zombie
- Dog has been reworked to do more damage the more AHP he has, encouraging more dynamic gameplay
-Conversion has been enabled, meaning that if you escape while disarmed you will convert to the other side.

Teaming Rules:

- SCP's Can Only team with Serpents Hand.
--SCPs cannot team with other classes but can choose to ignore Humans as long as it doesn't delay the round
--- Chaos may not team with Serpents Hand but may choose to be neutral to the SCPs.

- D-Class and Scientists can team with each other but cannot assist in the killing of their own kind

- UIU/MTF/Guards may work with D-Class granted they are either escorting them to 106's chamber or are disarmed.
--Same applies to Chaos and their interactions with scientist.
---While it is encouraged to escort players out it is only optional and you may just kill them.

- UIU/MTF/Guards can never team with Chaos or Serpents Hand under any circumstances

Sometimes we do events on the server, join the discord if you want to find out more!