Dream's Facility

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1.) No bullying/toxicity
2.) Do not kill cuffed d-class personnel
3.) No closing doors on teammates
4.) No killing teammates (i.e. killing an scp through tesla as SCP-079)
5.) No exploiting, cheating, or hacking
6.) Any surrendering d class may not be killed unless found on the surface
7.) No delaying rounds (i.e. sitting at warhead as SCP-049)
8.) No micspam. This includes things like blowing on your microphone, playing loud music, etc.

Chaos and NTF may not team.
NTF and guards may have mercy on d-class personnel.
NTF, guards, and scientists may not team with scps.
Chaos insurgency and d-class may team with scps.
Obvious teams like d-class and chaos insurgency are to be held