<align="center">If there is any lag don't keep on complaining the lag is caused cause its HEAVILY MODDED

<align="center">Part of The Foundation Network

<align="center">Click for the discord

<align="left">1: Racism, sexism, antisemitism or any other type of discrimination are not allowed, this includes slurs.

<align="left">2: Using cheats or exploits is strictly prohibited.

<align="left">3: Delaying the end of the round by sitting in one room will result in being killed.

<align="left">4: No Team Kill allowed.

<align="left">5: No metagaming. So, a person in a call or message cannot tell you where someone is if they are in spectator, and you are alive but if you got revived you can look where everyone is and tell your team where they are.

<align="left">6: No advertising is allowed unless given permission.

<align="left">7: Mic spam is not allowed in spectator, intercom or radio chat. This means don't make a loud sound constantly.

<align="left">8: Camping or spawn camping is not allowed.