<pos=15%>Extended Exile Gaming Community

<pos=15%>Beginner Friendly | Friendly Fire = ON

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Everybody is welcome


1. Behave
The Server Language is English or German!
Respect other Players
No self-promotion or advertisement.
Camping is prohibited (everything longer than one minute counts as camping)
Stealing items in the 914 and 173 room is prohibited

2. Soundboard
Soundboards are prohibited

3. FriendlyFire and Teamkilling
Shooting and killing members of your own team is not allowed (particularly mass team killing will be penalized)
FriendlyFrie is active so be careful not to kill each other

4. Teaming
D-Bois - scientist - Guards - MTF | Allowed to Team up if you killing a tied up D-Boi its Teamkilling
Chaos - D-Bois | Chaos must help the D-Bois help to escape
Chaos - SCP | Only allowed to team up if no D-Bois is alive anymore
Teaming under not listed Groups is prohibited (z.B. MTF + SCP, etc.)

5. Admin Team
All instructions from the admin team must be followed
The Admin Team reserves the right to choose and implement the penalty for various rule violations at its own discretion
The members of the Admin Team are to be regarded as persons of authority and to behave accordingly with respect

<pos=2%>When entering the server you automatically accept the rules
We reserve the right to change the rules at any time if its necessary