Welcome to Site 20's REDACTED* SCP Server!

Join our discord here!: https://discord.gg/A6BuXyen

Rules For the server are:
1. Cursing is NOT permitted by ANY means. using a curse word more than 3 times will give you a kick if used too much. (ask me about permitted words)

2. Mic spamming is allowed to an extent, 3 warnings will give you a ban

3. Threatening or being mean in general has 3 stages: 1 A simple warning. 2: A kick. 3. A ban.

4. Doing things against the rules behind our back will result in a kick or possible BAN.

5. Ruining other's fun! No one likes a party pooper. Kick or ban if you ruin the fun too much.

6. Listen. To. Admins. Their word is final.

7. Have fun!

*Redacted by the 05 council