Larry's Labyrinth #1

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You may play on this server normally if there is no active event, but you must adhere to the event rules and regulations during event rounds.

Event Rounds may only be started by staff if there are at least 5 people on.

Event Rounds may only be done every 2 rounds.

1. Micspam is only permitted in proximity chat and Soundboards are only permitted in proximity chat and intercom.

2. No toxicity, bullying, racism, homophobia, transphobia, or slurs are permitted on this server.
A. Attempting or giving out personal information of another player is absolutely not allowed.

3. Advertising other servers on Larry’s Labyrinth is not allowed.

4. You may not kill Class-Ds in Light Containment Zone until the first spawn happens.
A. Scientists are exempt from this rule.
B. You may also kill them if they're armed or non-compliant.
C. If you kill them in crossfire, it is fine.

5. Regarding the rule above, Guards cannot KoS D-Class in Light Containment Zone, but anyone else can KoS each other.
A. To avoid confusion, a KoS is when a guard immediately kills a D-Class upon sight of said D-Class, even when the targeted D-Class was willing to cooperate completely with Guards. Guards can shoot a D-Class if the D-Class:
I. Refuses to cooperate
II. Attempts to flee guards
III. Attempts to kill the guards, such as telling their locations to 939, or attempting to trigger 096
IV. Refuses to be cuffed
V. Attempts or is in the process of using SCPs
B. Guards are recommended to wait at least 3 seconds on non-cooperation before shooting, or no seconds if the D-Class attempts to use SCPs, or is fleeing

6. You may not kill cuffed Class-Ds or Scientists.
A. Only SCPs are exempt from this.
B. You may also kill them if they try to run.
C. If you kill them in crossfire, it is fine.

7. You are not permitted to close doors on teammates.
A. You are only allowed to close doors on teammates when running from an opposing team.

8. Teaming Rules:
A. Any team can team with each other.
B. However, you may not team if it holds up the round or gets your teammate killed.
C. SCPs can spare anybody without it counting as teaming.
D. It counts as teaming IF the human and SCP stay around each other and work together.

9. You may not suicide as an SCP that you do not like.
A. This does not apply to any instance of SCP-049-2

10. Camping is allowed, as long as it doesn't hold up the round or keep an event from happening (nuke).
A. This includes camping nuke room, camping generators, camping micro, etc.
B. For it to count as camping, you and, if they're alive, any human around you, have to be the last target, the SCP/Enemy has to know that you are there, and the door has to be locked (AKA the enemy cannot open the door).
C. If multiple people are in a locked room each with an SCP outside their room, it will still count as camping.
D. You may NOT camp the exit hall as an SCP.

11. If you are stuck in 914 or Light Containment Zone armory as an SCP, an admin will open the door for you after 30 seconds.
A. This does not apply to zombies.
B. If there is an 079 on the team, the door will not be opened.
C. If there is another human in the room, the door will not be opened.

12. You are not allowed to un-detain somebody before they escape if your entire group does not want them to escape un-detained.

13. You may not spawn kill Chaos Insurgency or Mobile Task Force waves with a Micro HID, Grenade, or any other mass-killing device.
A. You may however kill them with any weapon AFTER they have spawned. (I.E. charging up micro after spawn, throwing grenade after spawn).

14. Feel free to report anybody you think is breaking the rules. This includes players, and abusing staff.