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1. a. Toxicity isn't welcome here. Being unnecessarily mean or uncooperative is grounds for being kicked.
b. Racial, homophobic, and transphobic slurs are not allowed here. Yes, this includes the soft A. No, I don't care if you have an N word pass. Yes, that word that rhymes with baguette isn't allowed. No, we don't care if you identify with that word. You can't use it.
2. Do not hold up the round, if you are doing it unknowingly, that is fine, if I'm on I will tell you, and if you do not comply, it will result in a kick or short term ban.
3. You can micspam in proximity chat, and the intercom, but you cannot earrape or micspam in dead / spectator / SCP chat.
4. All teaming is allowed, unless it holds up the round.
5. Unarmed or compliant D-Class are not allowed to be killed by guards in light until the first spawn. If they are armed or non-compliant, you may shoot them. Scientists are exempt from these rules.
6. You cannot use soundboards in SCP chat / dead / spectator chat, you can only use them in proximity chat and intercom.
7. You may not kill yourself if you are a class you do not like.
8. Do not spam the tranquilizer, it can get really annoying after a while.
9. Do not close doors on teammates, unless you are running from an opposing team.
10. You may not impersonate any staff.
11. You may not kill cuffed Class-Ds and Scientists. Uncuffing them then killing them also counts.
12. Have fun! I am going to update the rules soon.