Chaos Labyrinth

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1. Micspam is not permitted in SCP Chat, dead chat, Radio, or the intercom.
A. However, it is permitted in proximity chat.

2. You may not kill cuffed Class-Ds or Scientists.
A. Only SCPs are exempt from this.
B. You may also kill them if they try to run.

3. You may not kill Class-Ds in light until the first spawn happens.
A. Scientists are exempt from this rule.
B. You may also kill them if they're armed or non-compliant.

4. No toxicity, bullying, or slurs are permitted on this server.

5. You are not permitted to close doors on teammates.
A. You are only allowed to close doors on teammates when running from an opposing team.

6. Teaming Rules:
A. Chaos and MTF may not team.
B. SCPs and Chaos may team.
C. MTF and SCPs may not team.
D. Class-Ds and MTF can team.
E. Scientists and Chaos may team.
F. Class-Ds and SCPs may not team.
G. Scientists and SCPs may not team.
H. Class-Ds and Scientists may team.
I. For all of these, if SCPs may not team with a certain class, the SCPs may show mercy, but still cannot stay together for periods of time longer than 1 minute.

7. You may not suicide as a class that you do not like.

8. Any kind of camping is not allowed.
A. This includes camping nuke, camping generators, camping micro, etc.