The Gambler's Den

Rules and important below:

Discord: (Click here!)
Extended Rules: (Click here!) (WIP)


[1]: Be civil. Don't be intentionally obnoxious, it ruins the game for others.
[2]: Absolutely no discrimination or harassment. Racial slurs, homophobia, transphobia or misogyny/misandry are grounds for punishment up to a permanent ban.
[3]: No micspamming over global chats (SCP, radio, spectator, intercom)
[4]: Keep micspam in local chats to a minimum.


[1]: Do not intentionally stall the game, nobody likes waiting thirty minutes in spectator chat waiting for the last player to expire.
[2]: Exploits and cheats are expressly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban on the first offense.
[3]: Kill on Sight policy:
- Light Containment classes (D-Class and Scientists) are not allowed to kill each other
- MTF and Guards are not allowed to kill D-Class
- D-Class ARE allowed to kill MTF/Guards
- Scientists ARE allowed to kill Chaos Insurgency
- Chaos Insurgents are not allowed to kill Scientists
- KOS against any detained classes except MTF/Guards is prohibited
- Disobeying orders, running, or brandishing weapons forfeits your protection from anti-KOS rules
[4]: Teaming policy:
- SCPs can spare D-Class and Scientists
- SCPs must kill MTF and Guards
- SCPs may work with the Chaos Insurgency
- SCPs may work with D-Class, although the entire SCP team must be in agreement
- Players may bribe/beg SCPs for their lives, although MTF/Guards cannot team beyond that.


- Every SCP class can communicate with other players by pressing the Local Chat button (This is the Radio key for humans, default key is V.)
- SCPs can freely swap with each other using .scpswap (role number)
- ex: .scpswap 173
- SCP-106 can stalk other players by double-clicking on the Create Portal GUI. This has a lengthy cooldown, and cannot be used until a few minutes after the round begins.
- When bargaining for your life (Any class), or working with the SCPs (D-Class and CI), you can heal SCPs by using ".heal" while holding a medical item.
- SCP-079 is capable of causing blackouts with .overcharge, and mimicking C.A.S.S.I.E with .simulate. You can even create fake SCP death messages!
- The Chaos Insurgency can copy SCP-079 while inside the Alpha Warhead silo (by using .copy). Escaping with the copy of SCP-079 will give the entire CI complete access to the facility (with or without a keycard). Be warned, as attempting to copy SCP-079 will send out a facility-wide alarm.