Contact the Owners on Discord:
(1) Number 91#0091
(2) dempsy17#0571


1. Do not intentionally team-kill or bleed (randomly shoot) people, crossfire and self-defense are fine.
2. Killing someone aiming intentionally above your head or below you to make it look like they're shooting you counts as self-defense
3. Follow the "Guidelines for mic usage in-game"
4. Do not hack/cheat
5. D-Class Personnel may team-kill other D-Class in light containment before Chaos arrive/while they're not present.
6. Follow the "Cross-Teaming Guidelines"
7. If you are found to be intentionally delaying/not contributing to the round you may be forced to spectator.
8. If a player is AFK for more than 10 seconds at the beginning of a round they may be teamkilled freely
9. Do not use exploits that can put you outside of the map/playable area (this includes SCP 106 elevator glitch)
10. Do not instigate team-killing, this can be done by intentionally shooting near someone or bleeding them to make them kill you in response.
11. Do not impersonate staff

Find a full list of rules at bit.ly/EmeraldServerRules