Welcome to SCP:Banabyte
Our discord is located here! ~ Clickable

SCP:Banabyte Basic Rules

- no cheating or exploiting
- Phishing, scamming, and other illegal activities are strictly prohibited
- Harassment, toxicity, and baseless out of game accusations against other players are strictly prohibited
- No game throwing
- Respect each other at all times
- Do not spam, includes mic spam
- Don't post leaks
- No shooting D class on sight as a guard or MTF (can and will be banned if you do it a lot)
- No discrimination or racism (jokes are fine but if someone asks you to stop you must stop)
- Team sabotage as MTF, chaos, or scps is not allowed
- Repeatedly leaving / suiciding to avoid an SCP, or spawning as a role you do not want is prohibited
- Encouraging others to violate server rules is prohibited
- Announcing moderators who have hidden tags is prohibited, interfering with a moderator's job is also prohibited
- False reporting and abuse of the in-game reporting function is prohibited
- Camping and Teaming is tolerated if they do not lead to round delays

SCP:Banabyte Community Guidelines

[1] Using in-game exploit spots, which are normally unreachable, is prohibited. Spots that can be reached by jumping on intentional props/railings are allowed.

[2] Teaming that directly, or intentionally, leads to the death of teammates is prohibited. Staying in a room prolongedly is considered camping. Walking around in the same zone and staying in a corridor/tunnel are not considered camping.

[3] For MTF/Chaos:
- Turning off generators.
- Killing obedient, cuffed Class-D/Scientists.
- Uncuffing Class-D/Scientists right before their escape.

For SCPs:
- Closing/locking doors on teammates.
- Intentionally letting the Nuke go off when it would cause SCPs to lose the round.

For Scientists/Class-D:
- Cuff Trading (the act of uncuffing someone you have previously cuffed, and providing them with a weapon so that they may cuff you — enabling you to play on the opposite team), is permitted.

Players should note that Cuff Trading will put them at risk of breaking our rules regarding Teaming [2]
When, and if, this is the case, this will be left entirely up to the Moderator's discretion.

MTF/Chaos are free to kill people who are caught attempting to carry out these 'deals'.

SCP:Banabyte Community SPECIFIC Rules

- Teaming is TOLERATED so long as it does not lead to round delays, or sabotage your other team mates. You may also make deals with people of the opposite team.

- DO NOT ask developers, or staff to add things to the server, if you have a suggestion, make one in our discord. Otherwise, its kind of a buzz kill for some of us.

- This isn't a rule, but have fun.