Discord Server:, https://discord.gg/Jx2XYWx


Rule 1: Discrimination or usage of slurs in any form is not allowed
Rule 2: Teaming is allowed so long as it does not harm your team (allowing enemy to kill your teammates) or delay the round
Rule 3: Guards/MTF are not allowed to KOS D class unless the D class has a gun or is disobeying orders
Rule 4: Chaos are allowed to kill Scientists unless they are cuffed (a cuffed scientist disobeying orders is still allowed to be killed)
Rule 5: Micspam is allowed but not over the sitewide intercom
Rule 6: Spamming false reports will result in punishment
Rule 7: Overly toxic players will be subjected to a verbal warning following a ban (moderators' discretion, if you feel like it was an unjust ban, contact me through discord.)

The server is very new and many plugins and such will be added over time.