Welcome to SCP Fazbears Server
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TTA: Allies: None. The TTA's goal is to eliminate everyone and everything in the facility.
GOC: Allies: Chaos Insurgency, Mobile Task Force. The GOC's goal is to eliminate SCPs while using other SCPs to their advantage. They are neutral to Mobile Task Force and Chaos Insurgency, with the option to team with them or to eliminate them.
GRU: Allies: None (Neutral with GOC). The GRU is a rival group similar to the foundation, however their goal is to eliminate the SCP Foundation using their captured SCPs.
Serpents Hand: Allies: SCPs. Serpents Hand is an organization dedicated to the elimination of the SCP Foundation, and assisting the SCPs in killing everyone.
Operation: Chaos Force: Allies: Mobile Task Force. The Chaos Force is a branch of the Mobile Task Force, and their goal is to cause chaos by eliminating everyone who has seen too much.

| We are giving people the chance to be SCP 173!!! |
| Our Server Does Gamemodes!!! | Peanut Race | Team Deathmatch | ECT!!! |
Server Rules:
1. Your allowed to mic spam but please be reasonable and dont play annoying noises
2. keep the mic spam to a minimum in Spectator Chat and SCP chat(Unless your SCP-939 just use the human chat)
3. No using exploits for any advantage
4. Music mic spam is mostly Ok just keep it SFW and dont play it in the SCP chat or Spectator chat
5. Dont ask for ranks
6. Dont blow an admins cover
7. DONT team kill!!! You will automatically banned(not including end round)
8. Dont hold up the round for too long
9. D-Class Cant Team with SCP
10. D-class and scientist are allowed to team
<color=green>11. Tutorials are part of the SCP team and if they kill an SCP thats called team killing so beat it!

12. 079 dont team kill SCPs
13. Dont Abuse Server Staff
14. Admin dont forceclass without reason
15. NO GHOSTING(if we find out that can lead upto a month ban)
16. if someone breaks these rules report them we will deal with it
17. if admin is abusing there power report them dont worry I wont tell
18. if a Chaos kills a D-Class thats team killing...
19. SCPs can give mercy to D-Class and Scientists but not repeated
20. yes D-Class and Scientists can bargain with an SCP to spare there life
21. Only take items from other players if they allow you to take them(or if there dead)
[ These Rules Are Subject To Change ]