Welcome to Fazbear's Mall of Terrors
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Server Rules:
1. You're allowed to mic spam but please be reasonable and do not play annoying noises
2. keep the mic spam to a minimum in Spectator Chat and SCP chat
3. No using exploits for any advantage
4. Music mic spam is mostly Ok just keep it SFW and do not play it in the SCP chat or Spectator chat
5. Do not team kill
6. Do not hold up the round for too long
7. D-Class Can not Team with SCPs
8. D-class and scientist are allowed to team
9. No Ghosting
10. if a Chaos kills a D-Class that is team killing...
11. SCPs can give mercy to D-Class and Scientists but not repeatedly (once or twice)
12. Obviously be civil, No Racial Slurs or anything like that.
13. Kill on sight is not allowed, you must allow the Class D to surrender and if they are not surrendering you may KOS

[ These Rules Are Subject To Change ]