- Racism, bigotry, and harassment is not permitted. Trash talk is permitted as long as it doesn't go too far.
- Guards/NTF are required to cuff Class-Ds in the Light Containment Zone. This rule is voided if the Class-D is non-compliant, or the Class-D has a gun/weapon.
- Guards/NTF are encouraged to cuff Class-Ds in the Heavy Containment Zone, however it's not required.
- Class-Ds inside of the Entrance Zone can be shot on sight.
- Teamkilling is not permitted, unless the person being teamkilled consents.
- SCPs can choose to "spare" people.


- Foundation Personnel (Scientists, Guards, NTF) cannot team with SCPs.
- Class-Ds and Scientists can team with each other freely.
- SCPs can team with Chaos Insurgency.


If you run into an issue with the server, or need to contact administrative staff, please utilize this email.
[email protected]

Alternatively, you can dm user "dolosuss" on Discord.