Omega Warhead (In-Game ADMIN START ONLY): A devastating warhead that affects the entire facility. Can only be activated once per round.

Zeta Warhead (Broken): A specialized warhead that targets specific zones, causing intense damage in selected areas.

Beta Warhead (Not Implemented Yet): A less destructive warhead, designed for controlled demolition of certain facility sections.

Gamma Warhead(Not Implemented Yet): An experimental warhead with unpredictable effects on different zones of the facility.

Delta Warhead(Not Implemented Yet): A tactical warhead that temporarily disables electronic systems and SCP abilities in its blast radius.

Facility Frostbite Sequence(In-Game ADMIN START ONLY): A facility-wide environmental hazard that drastically lowers temperatures, affecting visibility and movement.

Facility Thermal Sequence(In-Game ADMIN START ONLY): A sequence that significantly raises facility temperatures, leading to hazards like fires and equipment malfunctions.

Facility Decontamination(Not Implemented Yet): An enhanced decontamination process that affects all zones, requiring players to seek safety or face lethal consequences.

<b>Limitation Rule
: Only one of these sequences or warheads can be activated per round to maintain balance and ensure each game is a unique experience.

O5 Protocol(Not Implemented Yet): [REDACTED].


Respect All Players: Treat everyone with respect. No harassment, discrimination, or hate speech.

No Griefing: Intentionally ruining the game for others, like helping the enemy or purposely sabotaging your team, is not allowed.

Play Fair: Cheating, bug exploiting, or using mods for an unfair advantage is prohibited.

No Mic Spamming or Excessive Noise: Do not flood voice chat with loud music, sound effects INCL VoiceChangers, or yelling. NO SOUNDBOARDS IN SPECTATOR, OR ROUNDSUMMARY/B4 Start!!!

Listen to Administrators and Moderators: Follow the instructions of server staff.

No Evading Punishments: Respect bans or kicks; evading them will lead to harsher penalties.

Keep It PG-13: Avoid explicit content.

No Ghosting: Do not share in-game info while dead or spectating.

Have Fun and Be Creative: Enjoy and express your creativity in gameplay.

KOS of Cuffed/Surrendering Players: Killing cuffed or surrendering players is not allowed and can lead to punishment. If a cuffed player is actively resisting or posing a threat, KOS is permitted.

Controlled Team Killing: Team killing is generally not allowed, except in cases where it's done for humor and both parties (the killer and the killed) agree it was in good fun.

<i>Note on Rules and Moderator Authority:
Our server rules are subject to change and adaptation over time. We strive to provide the best possible experience for all players, and sometimes this requires flexibility and interpretation. Please avoid trying to find loopholes in the rules. Moderators have the authority to take action against behaviors that may not be explicitly mentioned in the rules but are deemed harmful or disruptive to the server environment. Our goal is to maintain a fun, respectful, and fair gaming community for everyone. Consent and context are key in situations involving humor-based team killing.