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Server Rules

1. Use or encouragement of exploits or game glitches is not tolerated.

2. Do not harass/target, discriminate against, or defame any individual, race, gender, or other group.

3. Do not purposely delay or hold up the round in any way.

4. Playing loud music, blasting your mic or general micspam over MTF radios/intercom, spectator chat, SCP chat, and pre-round chat is prohibited. Music in pre-round is allowed, as long as it is not obnoxious.

5. If a detained personnel is cooperating, do NOT shoot them. This may result in a kick, and the respawn of the dead player.

6. Moderators of the server always have the final say and can enforce anything else not listed here if they feel it endangers the moral or ethical code of the server.

7. False reporting will result in a ban.

8. Do not delay the round or team with another class without a shared win condition (SCPs & MTF, CI & MTF) beyond a one-time encounter. Exemptions made when a class can escape and win (Class-D/MTF Class-D/CI) or both classes can be alive while one wins (CI & SCPs).

9. No jokes about Nazi, Holocaust or human suffering.