~ Dont beg admins to do anything
~ Dont be blatantly racist or toxic
~ Dont cheat (this includes glitches and exploits that give you an edge over others)
~ Dont micspam. like fr
~ Dont kill anyone who is cuffed and cooperating
~ Keep team kills to a minimum

~ Pls dont close doors on people without reason. that is the most annoying s":=
~ Detain rather than kill

~ SCPSwap - use .scpswap <scp number> in the console to switch places with other scps
~ Better Sinkholes - adds a big 106 splooge in hallways. dont walk through the middle.
~ UltimateAFK - switches you with a spectator if youre afk for 30 secs
~ Remote Keycard - you dont have to have keycards equipped to use them
- you also dont have to drop items in 914 but thats not a mod
~ Player Unstuck - lets players (incl. scps) who get stuck in rooms out after 15 seconds. (timer starts after you try to open the door from the inside (and only the inside))
~ Lights - adds random(ish) blackouts to light and heavy containment zones

contact me if you need anything, or if something needs reported, on discord: link
(also ask for roles or whatever)