Doggo Clan Server REVIVAL

Alright, let's start from the top, about two years ago I made a tiny server with a few
friends and have come back after a year and a half of silence from the community...
We do have a pretty dead Discord Server, but maybe we can bring it back from the
dead?? No clue, but hey, perhaps we can just have some fun! For those of you old
folks from a while ago coming back to smile at us again, welcome! For newcomers
Hi, welcome to The Doggo Clan: Revival Server! Below you'll find the old desc.
of the Server that makes me cringe rereading it, but hey, y'know, it's past!

1. Don't be a jackass
2. No teamkilling, seriously
3. Please no hacking...
4. Most importantly Have fun!

This is the Doggo Clan Server, the doggo clan was created while a bunch of players were
playing on a server called Bacon Box, during then the SCP-939 was considered Lethal
until one stood above rest to pet it and call it "The Doggo" rendering it
Non-lethal. Most of the gameplay that happens in this server is fun
shenanigans and you too can join by Joining!

You can also join the <b>Discord Server<b> <size=15>