<color=#00B7EB> <size=170%> Blundell and Grumpy's Foundation

<color=#8137CE> <size=120%> Discord: discord.gg/blundellandgrumpys

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Welcome to Blundell and Grumpy's SCP foundation, If you are here to stay then we welcome you to be part of our Server, make sure to favourite the server so you never lose it!

<color="red"> <size=115%> Features:
<color="white"> <size=90%>
<indent=15%>-Automatic alpha warhead. After 25 minutes the alpha warhead will activate by itself and cannot be deactivated.

<indent=15%>-Custom SCP 914 settings. Entering SCP 914 on rough will kill you as a Class-D, Anything equipped in hand will be upgraded.

<indent=15%>-Keycard access doors/gates can be opened without equipping your keycard.

<indent=15%>-We have Pink Candy! Eat it and find out what it does.

<indent=15%>-Improved disarm, MTF/Chaos can become the opposite class if disarmed by the opposite class and escape.

<indent=15%>-You can speak to other players as SCP with Proximity chat. (Press Alt to switch between proximity and SCPs chat)

<indent=15%>-Visible health value on players. When looking at a player it appears above their class and name.

<indent=15%>-We do events! when staff are on and if enough people request it.

<indent=15%>(More to come soon with suggestions in our discord, give us your ideas!)

<color="red"> <size=115%>Rules:
<color="white"> <size=90%>
<indent=15%>1. Be nice to all your fellow players. We have no tolerance for toxicity, this includes:

<indent=15%>-Racism/racial slurs, without warning this will result in you being quickly removed. Harassment towards a fellow player asking you to stop. This can be from things such as being followed with ear rape music, to personal offence and constant annoyance of a player. Politics, religion and other controversial topics that may cause potential arguments. General conversation is fine but any instigation of fights started from these topics will result in action being taken against all instigators, we will punish how we see fit against this.

<indent=15%>2. We are a European server and English is the language you must use.

<indent=15%>3. Do not mic spam, play anything loud, play music/soundboard through intercom or in spectator. You can play music but be cautious of people around you.

<indent=15%>(If someone is simply playing music/soundboard but we receive too many complaints then action will have to be taken)

<indent=15%>4. Do not team with SCP's if you are a Facility Guard/MTF. This includes:

<indent=15%>-Sabotage against your own team to get others killed. Finding trapped SCPs and un-trapping SCPs on purpose. (Accidentally is fine). Stalling the round (We will only take action here if players complain about the round taking too long)

<indent=15%>(We are aware people play differently at certain times of the day with there being more focused and serious gameplay during the day and more chill players at evening hours. Because of this, past 12am (UTC+00:00) we will allow for teaming as long as everyone is chilling. After alpha warhead detonation, players must kill each other to end the round)

<indent=15%>5. Do not sabotage your SCP teammates. This includes:

<indent=15%>-SCP 079 trolling/griefing with doors, elevators, gates and tesla gates. Disconnecting or killing yourself. (If you dislike the SCP you were chosen as, you can simply request a staff member to change your SCP role or we can potentially replace you and make someone else the SCP you were)

<indent=15%>6. Follow and abide by the SCP: Secret Laboratory TOS. Under the steam TOS regarding age restriction, we cannot allow anyone under the age of 13 on our server.

<indent=15%>7. No exploiting or getting into places that tip the scale of the game. Encouraging this behaviour onto others is also unacceptable. We have no tolerance for hacking, this will result in receiving Immediate long term ban.

<indent=15%>8. Respect staff when they are warning you. If you back talk a staff member, this will further increase your punishment. If you purposely disconnect in the middle of being spoken to by a staff member while being warned, you can still be banned through other methods and punishment will be increased.

<indent=15%>(If someone feels they have been unfairly banned, refer to our ban appeal channel in the discord linked above)