<size=290%><align="center"> Site 17


We are heavily modded, with extra and revamped gameplay features. I recommend joining the discord, to win admin for fun and we get more plugins to make it more funner.

<size=120%>(Discord Link) DISCORD <---- click here</color>

<align="center"><size=115%>The Rules
<align="left"></color>1. if you be to toxic you well get Warn you do it 2 time you get kick 15 hour
2. don't team with <color=red>scp only Chaos and Class'd.</color>
3. do not play Loud and low music in intercom you are Warn be owner,owner#2 are admin.
. Don't uses hacks are chest are get Ban 5 Day and if you do it again you will get ban for ever.
5. When you are scp049'2 don't kill yourself if you kill yourself you well get Kick are Ban!.
6. don't team two long if you team to long the game be boring.
7we have to make sure to be 13 are over to join this server if you not 13 are over we have to Ban you sorry.
<color=#ffa50a>8<color=#bababa>. If you got the admin on the discord you can't admin abused on this server. If you do admin abused on this server I will pick someone for admin.