Server Rules:
1. No TK, read TK rules for what you can and can’t do.
2. No Mic spamming or mass earrape on global VCs, but in proximity chat it’s fine.
3. No racial or homophobic slurs are allowed.
4. No bullying other players, that’s not cool.
5. No teaming allowed, but you can sacrifice another's life.
6. No Camping in rooms or prolonging the game.
7. No killing tutorials unless a GOI (Group of Interest) has entered the round.
8. No exploiting/cheating or glitching is allowed.
9. No killing disarmed class-d personnel or disarmed scientists.
10. No DDoS or Doxxing.
11. No KOS on D-Class and Scientists.
12. Please respect all staff members of the server, disrespecting them will result in punishment.

(Team-Kill) TK Rules:
1. Revenge TK is fine, but you need a screenshot.
2. Getting caught in crossfire is fine.
3. Killing teammates for no reason isn’t ok.
4. Purposely getting caught in crossfire isn’t ok.
5. Asking to get TKed is fine.
6. No killing detained D class or if they are complying with orders.

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