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Any form of external input or altercation to game files to enhance your ability is explicitly prohibited.
[PENALTY - Permanent Ban]

Teaming between different classes is prohibited. The following exceptions apply:
-Class-Ds & Scientists
-MTF & Scientists
-Chaos & Class-Ds
-SCPs & Chaos
*Class-D is ALLOWED to kill other Class-D*
*MTF are NOT allowed to kill compliant cuffed Class-Ds*
[PENALTY - Warn/Kick]

-Mic spam is NOT allowed. Playing something over the intercom is acceptable but spamming in-game and spectator will get you a warning.
-You MUST have a mic to play on the server. If you either don't have one or refuse to use it, you will be warned/kicked accordingly.
-Advertising in any form is NOT allowed.
-Ghosting is NOT allowed.
-No begging.
-No stream sniping.
[PENALTY - Warn/Kick]

Team Killing:
Purposeful killing of a player on the same team without a justifiable reason will not be tolerated.
Exceptions apply after a round has been completed or during staff hosted server events.
[PENALTY - Spectate/Kick/Ban]

Round Delaying:
Round delaying is defined as when players deliberately avoid their class objectives in order to extend the length of the current game.
Exceptions apply when the round delayer is not aware of their actions.
[PENALTY - Warn/Spectate]