The Mound

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The Mound Rules

1. Cheating & Exploiting is prohibited.
2. Respect fellow players.
3. False Reporting is prohibited.
4. Advertisements through the game is prohibited.
5. Impersonating staff and players is prohibited.
6. Interfering with staff investigations is prohibited. This includes announcing moderators that have their tags hidden.
7. Stalling is prohibited. If you are the last person and are camping that is stalling.
8. Racism, transphobia, sexism, or any forms of offensive content is prohibited.
9. Very toxic behavior is prohibited. Multiple reports will cause an investigation.
10. Killing cuffed players is prohibited.
11. Team sabotaging is prohibited.
12.Mic spamming is prohibited. Soundboards are allowed except in spectator mode. Earrape is strictly prohibited.
13. Harassment is prohibited. This includes toxicity.
14. Explicit Sexual/NSFW Content is prohibited. This includes roleplay & voice chat.
15. Staff have the final say.
16. The Management Team has the right to punish a player even if the reasoning is not listed on these rules, common sense applies to this.

Teaming Rules

1. Class-D and Scientists may team against SCPs only.
2. Only Chaos Insurgency may team with SCPs.
3. The MTF may not team with Class-D but are encouraged to disarm them.
4. Teaming cannot be used to cause death to each other.

Contact: [email protected]
For a faster response please make a ticket in the Discord server.