Hello, Welcome to Oxygen SCP DISCORD LINK >>>> https://discord.gg/WNWYrPW <<<<
Here are the rules for this server:
1- No Hate speech towards ANY group. This includes (But not limited to) Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, ect.
2- No Cuff-Killing it is counted as Friendly-fire.
3- No Staff impersonation
4- Toxicity. Please don't be toxic, it ruins the game for others.
5- Intentionally stalling the round. (By teaming with an enemy Although Cross-teaming IS allowed)
6- Intentionally getting your teammates killed by teaming with an enemy.
ANY bypasses or work-arounds will be an instant Ban.
If you see anyone breaking these rules report them to the corresponding channel in the Discord (WITH EVIDENCE). You will be rewarded by helping enforce the server.

Server info:
- FF may be on or off depending on community votes.
- Thats pretty much it idk what else to put