1. No mic spamming
2. No Toxicity (you can do it in a funny way but don’t go too far)
3. Team killing is allowed.
4. No earrape.
5. Music is allowed but if someone asks for you to turn it off please do.
6. Don't say threats that can go towards a real life threat to a member.
7. Don't do illegal things such as, pedophile like actions towards any member.
8. Do not advertise yourself without permission.
9. Don't be disrespectful to ANY staff.
10. Don't harass any members.
11. No Racial words OR sexual connected words.

1. Cuffed D-Class or Scientist you can not kill.
2. SCP are ALLOWED to show mercy to d-boys and scientist as long as it does not delay the game.
3. Scientists are allowed to Team with D-Class.
4.MTF and Scientist are allowed to team.
5. Chaos Insurgency and D-Class are allowed to team.

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