In-game Rules
[0.0] Use your common sense. All of the rules are up to the discretion of the server staff except for what is written. Some rules may be situational. Don't be a dick or try to avoid punishment.

[1.0] Teaming is allowed as long as it isn't causing the round to be delayed.
[1.1] Delaying the round intentionally will get you slain. Examples of this are:
Staying in the Warhead room for minutes on end.

[2.0] Mic-spamming is not allowed.
[2.1] Playing music is allowed, as long as you aren't being obnoxious with it.
[2.2] If you're asked to stop by anyone, stop doing it.

[3.0] Exploits are forbidden and you will be punished if you use them. If it was clearly not intended, then it's an exploit.

[1.0] Discord: