Hey, Welcome to the Lander Expansion.

Contact me on discord: BaptistDolphin or Zealousleaf_yt (The Owners)

Join the discord server: https://discord.gg/qA3PrZqGjX

1) Don't be rude to players unless your just acting.
2) Listen to staff, whatever they say goes.
3) If you need help cause you lost an item or your game glitched you somewhere ping a staff in the discord that's also in the SCP server.
4) Don't say anything offensive, you can mess around saying things but if you abuse it you will be handled.
5) Don't abuse Intercom, its purpose is to play music, send a message, and other common sense things.
6) If you try to make an staff member abuse their powers they will kick you.
7) Spectator Chat is used for planning what to do, talking about what is gonna happen in game and so funny jokes so don't be annoying.
8) If you steal stuff from anyone in ##00, #914 or Micro H.I.D you will be kicked.
9) If you need to report a player do it right away in the discord server (You need either a clip or if you don't have that 3 witnesses)

- RespawnTimer
- RemoteKeycard
- ScpChatExtension
- SpectatorList
- PeanutGoBoom