<color="white">Welcome to Come have a Good Time! while it is a server where you come to have fun, we still have rules. So please read them and don't break them.

<color=#7289d9>Discord Server

<color=#0084ff> # This is your one and only warning. Breaking these rules can result in a warning, kick, or ban from the server

<color="red"> 0. <color=#d4d4d4> Should behavior that is not listed in this ruleset be deemed inappropriate or a detriment to this server, action may be taken freely, regardless of what the rules say.
# This rule HAS PRECEDENCE over ALL other rules!

<color="red"> 1. <color=#d4d4d4> Friendly Fire (No TeamKilling)
<color="red"> * <color=#d4d4d4> It is considered Teamkilling if...
I. You do it directly with a Gun and/or Grenade.
II. You team up to kill your teammates.
III. You are SCP-079 and directly try to harm your SCP friends instead of help.
IV. You KOS a teammate's detainee without reason.

<color="red"> * <color=#d4d4d4> It is NOT considered Teamkilling if...
I. A person is asked to be TKed.
II. You accidentally kill a teammate in crossfire.

<color="red"> 2. <color=#d4d4d4> No Cross-Teaming
<color="red"> * <color=#d4d4d4> Classes that are allowed to team up...
I. ClassDs & Scientists (But neutral till one of them is cuffed and escapes as the team they were cuffed by)
II. ClassDs/Chaos Insurgency & SCPs (However, if the D-Class is the last one alive, it is better for the SCP's to kill him to not stall the round.)

<color="red"> 3. <color=#d4d4d4> Don't use overly offensive language, such as homophobia, sexism, and racism.

<color="red"> 4. <color=#d4d4d4> Listen to staff (Don't request roles, items or respawn.)
<color=#0084ff> # If there is an abusive staff member, contact management with proof.

<color="red"> 5. <color=#d4d4d4> Don't excessively spam music, sounds, etc over intercom, voice chat and death chat.
<color=#0084ff> # (Excessively) (Up to Staff Member to decide)

<color=#0084ff> # You will be despawned if AFK, Maybe kicked (to make space) if it is for an extended period of time.