Astro Network

<b>You can join our Discord by clicking here!

<b>1. <b> Intercom has a 60 second cooldown instead of 120!
<b>2. <b> While in 914 you can hold your item instead of dropping it to upgrade!
<b>3. <b> Active Staff Team, that will handle any issues you have!
<b>4. <b> Auto warhead after 30 minutes!
<b>5. <b> Remote Keycard, this means you will not be required to hold a keycard to use it!
<b>6. <b> Respawn timer, this will show you how long till your next respawn!
<b>7. <b> Friendly fire is disabled.

<b>2. <b> No Racism, Discrimination, or Homophobia.
<b>3. <b> Impersonation of SCP:SL Staff or our server Staff is NOT Tolerated.
<b>4. <b> Micspam is allowed, but only to a extent! (Check our Discord for more!)
<b>5. <b> Team sabotage is not allowed.
<b>6. <b> Teaming is not allowed. (This excludes chaos and SCPs.)
<b>7. <b> Closing doors and locking scps / team mates in rooms is NOT allowed.
<b>8. <b> NSFW is not allowed.
<b>9. <b> No advertisement.
<b>10. <b> Soundboards are allowed but as long as they are not micspam and in proximity chat only!
<b>11. <b> This is a English speaking only server.
<b>You can find our in depth rules on our Discord server by clicking here!

<b>These rules can be and will be updates without notice, so make sure to keep yourself updates on the server rules at all times!<b>