<size=20>Please don't delay the round as it will take forever to end the round.

<size=20>Please no slurs all I got to say.

<size=20>Chaos may team with the SCP's as long as it does not delay the round this is up to the SCP's. It is not required but it is optional.

<size=20>Guards, Scientists etc. May not kill cuffed ClassD on sight unless they are running away. ClassD can kill Scientists Ect.

<size=20>If you see an admin abusing, please Report this either to me or any other staff and they will be dealt with.

<size=20>Scp914 Teleport - Has a 50% chance to teleport the player to a random location. If the setting is on Coarse.

<size=20>Scp914 class change - Putting the setting on OnetoOne has a 100% chance to change the classD to a Scientist.

<size=20>Scp914 having the setting put on OnetoOne has a chance to swap your class to another SCP except for 079.

<size=20>914 can swap zombie to d-class this plugin is temporarily unless people start complaining.