Welcome to GoTest334's SCP Community!
Please make sure to read our rules here!


1. Teaming is not allowed for classes who cannot win together. (e.g. MTF and SCP) Any classes that CAN win together are allowed to team. (e.g. Detained Scientist and Class-D, Scientist and SCP, Class-D and SCP, ect)

2. Camping in an area/room is not allowed for over 5 minutes, especially when it delays the round. However if an SCP/Enemy is nearby, you are allowed to hide from it.

3. Harassment/toxicity is not allowed in any form. (e.g. Closing doors on teammates or making fun of a player to get them angry at you. Joking insults/RP is fine as long as the other player is fine with it)
3a. No racial slurs are allowed. (N word in any form)

4. Hacking will result in a permanent ban, along with Global Moderators being called to the server.
4a. In-game glitches are allowed as long as they do not break the game (e.g. Getting outside the map)

5. Micspam is not allowed if it's in the Spectator, SCP, Intercom, or Radio chat and players are annoyed. If it is earrape or made to annoy people it is not allowed in any form.

6. Killing Class-D as Guard/MTF is allowed unlessthe Class-D is being escorted by another MTF/Guard. If the Class-D Poses a threat in any manner you are allowed to shoot.

7. Ghosting (e.g. Being in a Discord call with another player, stream sniping, ect) is NOT allowed in any form.

8. Ban evasion will result in a punishment worse than originally warranted.

9. Admin abuse is not allowed. Admin abusing will result in being permanently banned from the game. GoTest334, Server/Discord Managers, or Northwood Staff are the only Remote Admin users allowed to abuse. (They do not abuse anyhow)

10. Killing yourself/leaving and rejoining mid-game as 049-2 (Zombie) is not allowed as doing this is not fair to 049.

11. Rules are subject to change in the future.

12. Please report any player you see violate a rule to our Discord server.

13. Have fun!

--Contact Info--

<a href="https://discord.gg/CnyXcCt"> Discord Server (Click me!) </a>