-- D-Boy Breakout --
[ Anarchy Week ]
Time Period: August 29-5th/2 Day without activity
- No rules (The games rules still apply https://scpslgame.com/Verified_server_rules.pdf, hacking is still not allowed)
- Staff may abuse (Not as in banning the whole server and don't continuously do it)

If this actual works out there may be set anarchy days or weeks
[ Normal Rules ]
1: No TK, we do allow some TK though. Look in the
TK rules section for more.
2: No mic spamming. This include playing music
while your a spectator and playing ear rape at
any time.
3: Keep it around PG13, basically don't say the N-
Word or other racial slurs.
4: No bullying.
5: Cross teaming is fine
6: Use common sense
7: Staff can TK each other, if anyone is caught in
crossfire they must be respawned.
8: Be aware of the different groups, they can
bypass some specific rules

-Revenge TK (If you revenge TK someone they can't
be punished for TKing you)
-Class-D can TK in ONLY light containment
-Special round/Event round TK, ONLY if staff say
it's allowed
-Known TK? Basically if someone asks to be killed
you can do it.
-Staff can TK if they both have their tags showing