Presidential Laboratory
“Ask not what this server can do for you, but for what you can do for this server”

1-Do not KOS Detained class -D or scientists, this applies to all classes
2-Do not steal other player’s items in 914 (you can always just kill them)
3-No offensive slurs or controversial content (use your brain)
4-Micspam is somewhat allowed, but if people deem it as unfunny, stfu
5-Do not ask admins for favors (unless admin approaches you first)
6-You cannot kill yourself if you dont want to play a class, death by cop counts.
7- Do not intentionally stall a round, (you will be warned)
8-Obviously follow the basic rules, no hacking, no exploiting, Etc
9- Moderation has the final word. you can argue your case, but be civil.
10-Use Common Sense (you have a brain, just don't be a nerd lol)

VSR EDITED (fuck off nerd)
Cool things:
no stamina, unlimited items, One mod specifically is dumb but the rest arent,
join the discord!

if you're reading this, join the server. do it. coward. you wont. no balls.