elcome to HellLab!


We do quite a few things, such as of course casual rounds, events, and sometimes a bit of tomfoolery.

We have a great mod team and can take care of issues once it arises without second questions, feel free to do the tryouts and join us!

link="https://discord.gg/invite/YRaw3NY6ne" Click here to join our discord</link>

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1 Certain classes are allowed to team, such as D-class <-> Scientists or SCP's <-> Chaos, any other teams such as Chaos <-> MTF/NTF are not allowed.

2 Sparing someones life is allowed but YOU MUST have to go seperate ways unless you cant go in another direction, either way split up, unless the above apply.


Spectators may not help SCP'S find people, like via Discord.

No camping/Staying in a room for long periods at a time, Same thing for SCP'S
Exceptions apply, for example if they are the last person OR if it's 914.

No Exploiting/Hacking (of course.)

No Phishing and/or scamming and other illegal activities, such as sending malware to people.

No harassment or toxicity, unless its all in fun and jokes, if someone specificies they dont like it, then stop.

Impersonation of Staff/Users is strictly prohibited.

False reporting and abuse of in game reporting is annoying for the mods and can get you banned/ignored, so dont.

No being racist, homophobic, transphobic, ETC.

No NSFW content.

No being rude to staff or teammates, for example calling them slurs for being stupid, were trying to enjoy the game and you should too.

Soundboards are allowed to an EXTENT. things such as loud music or spam sounds are prohibited.

When someone asks if you can stop using your soundboard, listen to them.

Minor offence = Warning

3X Warnings = Kick

5X Kicks = Ban [Times may be random]

Major offence = Ban/Kick


Q: How do I report a player?
A: Go into the player menu and find their username and press the triangle with a ! in the middle and state your reason why and our staff team will handle it.

Q: How do I find the player menu?
A:You go to the player menu by pressing N, You can report players there.

Q: is anything required for reports?
A: Yes, please provide at least some sort of proof, like video or screenshot(s) of them breaking the rules.