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1 Teaming between scps and Chaos is tollerated but any other teams is not Allowed

2* Spareing someones life/Mercy is alowed but YOU MUST have to go sepret ways [Unless there is nowhere to go to except 1 way]


Spectators may not help SCP[S] find people

No teaming between teams No scp teaming with other teams 1* no teaming between foundation and insurgency/classD/SCP[S] 2*

No camping/Staying in a room for long periods at a time [Same thing for SCP[S]
Exceptions apply including if it's the last player Then an SCP may camp

No Exploiting/Hacking

No Phishing scamming and other illegal activities

Strictly no Harassment or toxicity

Staff or Person impersonation is strictly prohibited

False reporting and abuse of in game reporting is not allowed

No being racist homophobic transphobic etc

No NSFW content

No Mic spamming

No being rude to staff or teammates

No spamming music or soundboards to annoy people

When a person or administrator tells you to stop useing music or soundboard YOU LISTEN TO THEM


Minor offence = Warning

3X Warnings = Kick

5X Kicks = Ban [Times may be random]

Major offence = Ban/Kick


Q: How do I report a player?
A: Go into the player menu and find their username and press the triangle with a ! in the middle and state your reason why and our staff team will handle it.

Q: How do I find the player menu?
A:You go to the player menu by pressing N.
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