Hello & Welcome to the AwesomeGamingCommunity Modded Server!
join our discord server for support!

Discord server: Click Here to join our Discord server <--- Join the community

These are our rules:
- Do NOT Teamkill! This can result in a ban! (Shooting a cuffed D-Boy as NTF is considered Team-killing)
- Don't be a camper. Unless you are stuck because a SCP is in front of your door.
- Don't be toxic. ( This rule is based on common sense. Don't be rude to anyone.)
- Have respect for each other.
- No advertising for other community's / yourself. This includes your username. Do not use a weblink as name.
- Don't ague with Staff In-game. If there is something you want to talk about with Staff members, please create a ticket using
our discord server
- Do not use your microphone to be disruptive. this includes using soundpads to play songs etcetera.
- don't crossteam, for excample: Guard with SCP or chaos and MTF.
( Chaos insurgency could work together with the SCP's if there are No D-Boys alive.)
- No Meta gaming! ( Using information that you did not get from in-game. For example: Discord)
- Dutch & English are the only languages allowed on this server!
Have fun on the server and good luck!